THE UKRAINE AND RUSSIA: Isn't anyone paying attention?

George Orwell's 1984 fictitious war map BELOW or is it??  
Oceania (North and South American continents, etc. in pink)  
Eurasia and Eastasia (Russia and Asia in orange and green)

Hmm!  Was George right?

In case you don't know your Russian history here is a very brief summary:

In 1991 the USSR was broken up due to the large nature of oppression in the face of communism.  (SEE MAP ON THIS LINK)

Mr. Putin has been quietly forging alliances with the old countries of the Soviet Union.  He calls it "customs union".  This is slowly being formed to stop the former USSR dependants from becoming members of the EU or European Union.

Mr.  Putin is trying to reunite the former countries and his beloved Russia into a EURASIATIC UNION to stop the EU from spreading into "his area".

The Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Russia was formed.  Since then Putin sent troops into area between Poland and Lithuania to shake a stick.  He is now working on the Ukraine.  WATCH WHAT HE IS DOING!! BEWARE THE USSR IS BACK BUT UNDER ANOTHER NAME!!  This an article from The Telegraph, a respected world-wide newspaper.  Putin is sucking The Ukraine in with economic help which will lead to an inevitable tie and signature on the The Customs Union paperwork.

   Russia is no. 11 and Lithuania is no. 6

Here is another map.  Note the proximity of Belarus already in the Customs Union.