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TRUMP: Scaramucci/scaramouch - Generic use of scaramouche/scaramucci evolved to mean “a cowardly buffoon” or “rascal.

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TRUMP: What is a Scaramouche/Scaramucci? Scaramouche/Scaramucci is a stock CLOWN character of the Italian commedia dell'arte.

TRUMP: Pardoning himself and his family!! He has admitted to committing a crime but what crime?

TRUMP: Scaramucci - New member of Trump staff

TRUMP: World wide coverage of Trump's negativity BBC Good coverage!!

TRUMP: getting Jeff Sessions because he recused himself instead of covering Trump's ass!

TRUMP: RANTING threatens to fire MUELLER because he's TOO CLOSE to the truth!

TRUMP: Breaking news! Deutsche Bank to be investigated on Trump's finances!!

TRUMP: Trump said 45,000 mining jobs were created during his admin. Wrong 800!! Permits issued under Obama!!

Atty for TRUMP uses swear words

TRUMP: Eric TRUMP accused of stealing from cancer fund in his name!!