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TRUMP: Trump's Rant to Associated Press VIDEO

TRUMP: What!! A family affair!!

TRUMP: Kasich tells why Trump rose

TRUMP: WATCH: 5 reasons why Donald Trump is a terrible ambassador for Sexual Assault Awareness Month

TRUMP: Prez jobs promised to Carrier going to Mexico

TRUMP: Leads killing in cities over immigration status and more!! BOSTON!!

TRUMP: Sheriff backs AG on sanctuary city crackdown

TRUMP: REPUBLICANS push plans to punish Sanctuary cities

TRUMP: Who worked with Paul Ryan on Healthcare for weeks called him Ron more than one time!!

TRUMP: Economy is not getting any better!!

TRUMP: Jeff Sessions - Is Hawaii part of the US? Twitter bashes Sessions!!

TRUMP: Sessions doesn't recognize Hawaii as a state?? He called Hawaii “an island in the Pacific”

TRUMP: Deplaning without Melania - Etiquette Experts Weigh In On Trump’s Awkward Walking Distance From Melania


TRUMP: The Official White House Snapchat Just Called Betsy DeVos Secretary of 'Educatuon (spelling?)

TRUMP: Again Betsy Devos calls it wrong!!

TRUMP: Dossier linking Carter Page - Donald Trump - Russia


TRUMP: Election is over!!

TRUMP: Putin on trump

Obamacare fix

FOX and Bill O'Reilly

North Korea

TRUMP: A progressive group is airing television ads attacking House Republicans who backed their party's plan to replace the Affordable Care Act.

TRUMP: Protestors arrested NO WALL

TRUMP: Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort to register as foreign agent

TRUMP: Russia vetoes UN resulution against Syria

TRUMP: Another reversal of opinion consistent with his erratic personality!!

TRUMP no go Syria

TRUMP: Assad using "fake news" tactic

TRUMP: Perpetuting HATRED in our country!!

TRUMP: Pence makes students nervous

TRUMP: What happens to a congressmans health insurance if Obamacare goes down!!

TRUMP: Jeff Sessions says US border is not open; don't come to USA

TRUMP: Manafort lied about payment according a NEW found source

TRUMP: Nunes contradiction

TRUMP: Betsy DeVos removes Obama safeguard for students and loan default

TRUMP: DeVos praises this voucher-like program.which has not proven successful in Florida!!

TRUMP: Bannon had a bad week

TRUMP: Somebody flew in to meet Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago on Trump’s private helicopter this weekend

TRUMP: Palmer report on Trump and Russia

TRUMP: has alreeady spent almost douoble Obama's annual travel budget

TRUMP: Karl Rove says WH staff has been leaking on each other

TRUMP: Two-faced Bannon accuses Clintons about money when he himself raked in millions

TRUMP: Nunes steps aside!! My opinion: He should be fired!!

TRUMP: Ryan's approval tanks

TRUMP: Bannon Taken Off Trump National Security Council in Shake-Up

TRUMP: Russian Mafia Business Ties??

TRUMP: Sessions orders Justice Department to review all police reform agreements

TRUMP: Investigation of Sessions??