TEXAS: Darrell Issa and Pete Sessions do not want Texans to have insurance!



Darrell Issa said Obama crooked.  He should look at his own record on Wikipedia!!

Darrell Issa held another one-sided hearing today on ACA and refused to let the navigators testify.  

Maybe nothing productive like arrests or penalties came out of these hearings is due to his lack of education.  

9,000,000 Texans are uninsured.  This guy doesn't give a "hoot".  I guess that's because his background is shaky!!  He doesn't want anyone to sign up for ACA. 

He and Pete Sessions don't know what navigators are.

Now that the website is working:  Latest numbers are 
Completed Applications submitted to the SBMs and FFM: 1.8 million the opponents to the ACA are picking at other things beside the website and they truly don't know what they are talking about.

Why do leaders in Texas not want 9,000,000 to have insurance?