Health Insurance cancellations . . . Real News Networks Ignore

The Networks (who are supposed to have reporters working for them) are ignoring the reasons for the Health Insurance Cancellations and making the ACA aka Obamacare the bad boy by stating that Obama said they could keep their insurance.  Well they can unless

  • companies are opting out because of greed
  • and the 2 million crappy policies out there that don't meet the "fair" rules of ACA
The insurance companies have made millions of $$$$$$ on "crappy" insurance policies says Sigma and other insurance companies.  The policies don't pay much nor they don't pay at all.  The law was purposely drawn up to upgrade insurance policies. 

There was no lie in what Mr. Obama said.  If someone is stupid enough to get a crappy insurance policy it is like someone underinsuring their house.  If their house is worth $200,000 and they get a policy that only covers 50% of it then they are fools!!  

If they have a car worth $20,000 and they get only $10,000 coverage on it then they are fools!!

If they pay full price for a tuition credit and the school decides to cut the classes in half and they continue to pay that full price for a half-a..ed education then they are fools!!

If they buy a DVD collection at full price and there are only 2 DVD's in the box instead of four then they are fools!!


The uninsured do not pay for their emergency room visits; you do!!

The uninsured do not pay for their hospital rooms; you do!!

The yellow clothed prisoners do not pay for their physicals or health care; you do!!


Hospitals overbill the paid insureds to recover some of the money.

Hospitals get a great tax write off through the IRS as a loss.


What are the implications of the ACA for the uninsured? 
The ACA has the potential to expand coverage to millions of currently uninsured people through the expansion of Medicaid eligibility and establishment of Health Insurance Marketplaces in 2014. The ACA also includes reforms to help people maintain coverage and make private insurance affordable and accessible. State decisions about whether to implement the Medicaid expansion will impact the scope of coverage changes under the law. 

Kentucky, Arizona, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Maryland are on the way!!! Just examples.