Cuccinelli Report from CBS 11 7 2013 - NO HOMEWORK ON THIS ONE!!

Jan Crawford has been dissing the ACA and President Obama.  Her report this morning was ludicrous!  She talked about Ken Cuccinelli from Virginia losing his run for Governor and points to the ACA (saying that Mr. Cuccinelli was right about how bad the website was).

She has been reporting and I am sure supported by CBS to complain and complain and complain about the website.  She did an unfair reporting on the Cuccinelli loss.  She never talked about who Cuccinelli was:

He fought against all abortion, even in cases of rape and incest.

Ken would seek to require sonograms to be part of a 24-hour waiting period with an informed consent requirement.

He pushed for a ban on third trimester abortions — making no exception for serious health risks on the woman — and bullied the state Board of Health to implement “safety” regulations for abortion providers designed to force clinics to close.

His office improperly aided fossil fuel companies.


She eliminated WHO VOTED against MR CUCCINELLI:

  • gay/lesbians
  • blacks who like the ACA
  • single women
  • people in favor of climate change
  • immigrants and poor